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Institute Technology Perwaja (ITP) is a competency-based training institution which is solely owned by Perwaja Steel Sdn Bhd. It is situated at Gurun's Industrial area, Bedong Kedah Darul Aman. ITP is conducting competency-based training under the Malaysian Skill Certificate which is organized by National Vocational Training Council or MLVK (Majlis Latihan Vokasional Kebangsaan). Starting its operation in 1999, ITP had offered the training to its own employee. Since November 2001, training’s intake was open to the public who mainly to the SPM school leavers.

Program's Objective

1. To create a comprehensive system of industrial based training which is at par with the development of technology.

2. To assist and develop vocational and industrial training programs at the expert level.

3. To ensure that the level of skill-based training achievement is balanced with the progress of technology.


All SKM (Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia) holders will have the opportunity to serve in the manufacturing sector as well as other sectors which is relevant with the expertise they’re catered to. The skill that they’re going to obtain is designed in such a way that it is pertinent with the industry requirements.

ITP only offers the MLVK training for level 2 and 3. For those who wish to further their studies on level four, they can apply for other higher institutions. ITP graduates have a good reputation since they are being supervised and trained by Perwaja employees who have expertise in their own field. The students also being exposed to on the job training at Perwaja premise.


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